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…in the beginning…the need…

One day I gathered my dog’s stuff as I was going out of town & needed to drop him (Rusky) off for the weekend. As I collected his dog bed, toys, bowls, meds, treats, food, and an old T-shirt so he would have my scent with him, I realized he’s either got a lot stuff or I’m that dog owner that wants my pet as comfortable as possible when I leave him.  



Luckily, when I arrived at my mom’s house, I jokingly told her how ridiculous I looked in the elevator of my building, carrying all of Rusky’s stuff & even dropping a few items before making it to my car. She chuckled as she stepped away from the sewing machine, having just made another couch throw blanket or as she calls them, “afghans.” That’s when it dawned on me, “why not create a bag/bed combo to schlep Rusky’s stuff around?” With my mom’s help, we started to experiment by cutting out patterns using newspapers taped together and then created a prototype with left over fabric.  

My Mom and I

…the name…

At the time, my mom had early dementia stages, but her sewing skills were still with her. As her condition worsened, she taught me how to sew as these skills have now also left her. In one conversation I had with her, she told me when she was growing up, her family (11 children) pets were most of the time stray dogs they would feed & play with. I asked her if she remembered any of the dog’s names, she happily replied, “Well of course, “Doggy”, what else?!” That’s how we came up with the name, DOGGYTOGO.  

…problem solved…

So whether you’re headed away for the weekend, to the park, or doggy daycare…you need a DOGGYTOGO duffel bag! This stylish utility bag has large pockets to carry all your pet’s stuff. When you arrive at your destination, it easily converts into a comfortable dog bed. You can feel confident that your dog has everything he/she needs and has something to sleep on that has its scent as well, so no old T-Shirt is needed.

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